Project Description

Get to know Bill

Billy Ray has been involved in the activity of drum and bugle corps for over three decades as a performer, instructor and soloist. Billy has many medals to his credit including 1 DCA Championship, many NY State Championships, 2 DCI Division 2 finalist, many DCI Division 1 quarter and Semi Finalist and 1 DCI Division 1 Finalist from marching in drum corps. He was a member of the following corps; Firebirds, Northmen, DutchBoy and the EmpireStatesmen.

Billy continued his study of music by graduating from the School of the Arts High School in 1990.

After taking 17 years off from playing the trumpet, he joined the Prime Time Brass in 2010. He became the Assistant Director of the band in 2013.

He would like to take this opportunity to thank those who guided him on his path in music: Bill Ray Sr, Vince Bruni, Donny Allen, Al DiCroce and Dr. Jon Kruger. Special thanks to Chris Castellon for bringing him into Prime Time Brass.